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VB.CMIS is a VB.NET implementation of the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)*
VB.CMIS is a "toolkit" to build a custom CMIS Server.

VB.CMIS is a stand alone service that can load a custom data provider. So you can easily equip your application with a CMIS interface. You only have to write your own data provider and to load it into the service. The data provider is a custom .NET library(.dll) that implements a special interface.

VB.CMIS offers:
  • A full implementation of the REST/ATOM CMIS definition(AtomPub).
  • A full implementation of the CMIS object model.
  • An implementation of all needed business classes for handling the requests.
  • Parser for incoming data
  • A complete enclosure of the business logic through a provider interface.
  • Supported CMIS version: 1.0

CMIS 1.1 support is in development. Take the latest source code version.

  • .NET Framework Version 4.0

If you like this project, have ideas, need a feature, find a bug or something else, feel free to start a discussion.

*CMIS is a specification for interoperability of Enterprise Content Management Systems(ECM). Read more:

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